Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to School! August 23 & 24

WELCOME BACK!  :)  Hopefully you all have had an awesome summer, and are ready for an incredible year, here at BHS.  I am super-stoked to be your teacher, and hope that this blog will prove useful to you throughout the year.  I will post all assignments, hand-outs, powerpoints, etc on the blog so that you will know what we did, and so that you don't have to bug me when you're absent.

Today will probably be the most boring day out of the entire school year, but we have some basics and groundrules to go over, so let's go ahead and do that.   Find your class disclosure below:
AccountingBusiness LawSports & Entertainment MarketingMarketing SemesterTravel & Tourism

Once you've gone over the disclosure, please have your parent or guardian fill out the following SURVEY indicating that they have seen not only the webpage, but have gone over the disclosure as well.  That means you need to click the word in all caps saying survey.  :) 

Also, in case you lost the KWL chart that we filled out, you now have it.  Remember, we're only filling out the first 2 columns.  Don't lose it!!!---'Cause at midterm, and end of term, we'll fill out the 3rd column.  

Today, we're also going over/went over the professional development requirements.  If you lose it, or ever need it, download it here

Phew!  What a first day!  Let's make this year, a great year!  :)
~Coach Paige