Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Webpages!...Pt. 2!

As promised, here is a list/link of the "B-Day" class individual webpages.  Be sure to bookmark these, memorize the URL, whatever you need to do to remember the webpages, so that you'll always be able to access them!  I'll always post information and assignments to them.  Without further ado....

Marketing Semester--Click Here!!!
Travel & Tourism--Click Here!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Webpages!

Hey guys, rather than posting 6 different classes' worth of information onto ONE blog, I've created several different pages, one for each class.  I've got A-Day's done today, and I'll have B-Day's done tomorrow.  As for now, here are the links for each class:

Accounting Classes--Click Here!!!
Business Law Classes--Click Here!!!
Sports & Entertainment Marketing Classes--Click Here!!!

Hope you all enjoyed Club Rush today, just a reminder, get your parents to visit the site, check it out, look over the disclosure, and have them fill out the survey!  PS, you CE students, make sure you get your admittance to Weber State taken care of!!!  Any ?'s, email me!  :P

Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to School! August 23 & 24

WELCOME BACK!  :)  Hopefully you all have had an awesome summer, and are ready for an incredible year, here at BHS.  I am super-stoked to be your teacher, and hope that this blog will prove useful to you throughout the year.  I will post all assignments, hand-outs, powerpoints, etc on the blog so that you will know what we did, and so that you don't have to bug me when you're absent.